Nature Trail

Nature Trail

Bacab’s Nature Trail Adventure transitions you from hustle and bustle to the tranquil serenity of Mother Nature. This tour brings you to a lush Riverine Forest where trees towers above beckons to wildlife.  Simply immerse yourself around trees standing proud for over 100 years.   Admire Bullet tree, Royal Palms, Mahogany, Cedar, Strangler Fig and much more as they reach for the sky.  The Guanacaste trees sends you back in time to where the Maya used these trees for making of their canoes.

Gaze upon the massive vines hanging from the tree canopy all the way to the Forest floor.  Various types of Philodendron twines along the tree trunks making their way up to the canopy.  Swinging on the vines you can sometimes find Howler Monkeys looking for food. Branches makes a good hideaway for Spiny tail Iguana and Green Iguana sunbathing.  Bright green parrots mingle in the canopy feeding on the Tarpon Blossom and Bri Bri trees full of fruit and flowers.

After a rain in the forest, small and large mammals foraging leave tracks in the soft ground.  At times, with luck you can see the large paw prints of our “red tiger” or Puma hiding the tracks of the smaller Agouti, Coati, Gibnut, Peccary and Possum.

On the River walk one might also get to see crocodiles sunbathing or just cruising down the river.  Dolphins and West Indian Manatees are spotted from time to time just swimming by.

Let this unique experience be an unforgettable one as you learn about many traditional and medicinal uses of the many flowering plants, trees and shrubs.  Learn survival tactics, knowledge shared from the Maya who revere and respect all the jungle has to offer.  Join us today at Bacab Eco Park where you’ll have AN OASIS OF FUN AND RELAXATION

For Birders, over fifty species of birds can be spotted sharing this habitat at different levels.

Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour

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