Medicinal Trail

Medicinal Trail

Embracing the legacy from the indigenous Maya Indian, Bacab Eco Park looks to them for inspiration.  Bacab Eco Park’s name was inspired by the Maya Guardians, called Bacab, who they believe hold up the Earth at each cardinal point.

Explore deep into the origin of medicine.  Come take a walk with us through  Ixchel Medicine Trail. (Ixchel- Maya God of Fertility).

Bush Medicine goes back thousands of years and still continues on today with this Maya tradition.  The Maya depended on these trees for both survival and curing of ailments.  The Ixchel Medicinal Trail also highlights the way of survival for Belizean before modern technology stepped in.

Be amazed as you take a leisurely walk through the heart of the Savannah Eco System learning about herbal uses. Each plant has various purposes whether using the fruit, leaves, bark, trunk or

root of these trees and shrubs.  The importance for the Maya was not only the plant itself but combined with prayers and faith for healing.  They believed not all ailment was physical but many was spiritual.  The Maya Shamans and healers treated both physical and spiritual ailments. Belizeans of various cultures have now embraced these traditions and continues with this rich legacy.

The Ixchel Medicinal Trail twist and turns adjacent to our swimming pool/recreational area, eventually leading you right back to a refreshing swimming pool awaiting.

While walking along the trial, about 30 mins, keep alert for birds, butterflies, and other small animals. You can choose to take this walk with our experienced Tour Guides or on your own.

Once finished enjoy many of our amenities the Eco Park has to offer like the Pokonobwai Restaurant and Bar.  We also have hammocks, gift shops and more tours to choose from.

Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour

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