Kayak Expedition

Kayak Expedition

This tour is great for birders as there are several different species of bird’s usually flying through the creek, fishing.

Our guides will give you a briefing on how to control the kayak and what to do in an emergency.  Our Guides are trained and will assist you with all questions you have at that time.

Don your life-jackets, climb into your 2-person kayak then disappear into the lush tropical jungle at Bacab Eco Park.

Your Kayak creek expedition begins with you paddling through a narrow creek shaded by the Swamp Kaway trees and lined with Arrow head plants and Water Lilies.  The creek then opens up into a shallow lagoon where more birds, juvenile crocodiles, local river fish, and sometimes Howler Monkeys may be seen.

Enjoy this invigorating thrill of skimming over the water through the tropical jungles of Belize.

While paddling, be on the lookout for turtles and juvenile crocodiles that could be sunning themselves on the surface.

Relax at poolside in a hammock or enjoy the sculptured waterfall and water slide at our free form pool.  Your kids will enjoy our mushroom water feature in the kiddie’s section.

There are many other activities available at Bacab Eco Park. You can choose from our Jungle Bike Adventure Tour, our Medicinal Trail (Guided or Self-Guided) and Jungle Walk Adventure.

However, if you just want to take it slow we can do that too, just take a breath and relax at the poolside or Pokonobwai Restaurant & Bar, where you can enjoy our delicious cuisine and have a cold beverage or cocktail.

Throughout your stay, you can enjoy various presentations and activities that showcase our Belizean history and culture.  You can also checkout Ixchel’s Walk and learn about the many medicinal uses of our native plants.

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