Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Just an Amazing Riding Experience

This horseback riding tour takes you on a journey through the jungle of Belize on top  one of our well-kept mixed breed horses.  Our horses are gentle, even the most inexperienced rider can just sit back and enjoy a leisurely walk through the jungle.

All our guides are trained and well informed.   Riding on the banks of the river, along with many varieties of trees and vines one might also get to see crocodiles sunbathing on the river banks.  Howler Monkeys at times can be seen just relaxing and passing the time in the trees.  Other small indigenous birds and animals that live and roam the area sometimes can be seen foraging for food.

One of our employees came up with a brilliant idea as you can see in the picture below.  Mounting mounds!  This feature enables you to mount and dismount your horse with ease.

Absolutely no hassle getting on or off your horse regardless of rider’s size or height!

After your horseback tour, if still in the mood, there are many other tours and activities available at Bacab Eco Park for you to choose from. For example, our “Kayak Expedition”  or our “Jungle Biking” tour are a few.   You might also be interested in “Ixchel’s walk” a self-guided medicinal trail accessible right from pool area.

If you’ve done your bit for the day and just want to take it slow, you can do that too.  Just take a breath and relax at our free form swimming pool with a sculpture waterfall and water slide.  Visit the Pokonobwai Bar and Restaurant where you can enjoy our local cuisine and have a cold beverage.  Be adventurous and try some of our unique cocktails made from seasonal local fruits.  We know you will enjoy your day with us at Bacab!

Bacab Eco Park Horseback Riding Instructors
Bacab Eco Park's guide giving Horseback Riding Instructons
Guest mount horse with use of Mounting Mounds
Appaloosas horse used for horseback riding

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