Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Belize at Bacab Eco Park

Belize is blessed with approximately 600 species of native and migratory birds and has always caught the attention of full time Birders.

Bacab Eco Park is unique in the sense that we have many different types of terrain in one area.  We get birds that frequent Savanna, Broad Leaf Forest, Gallery Forest, Forest Marshes or “Bajo’s”.

Every December the Belize Audobon Society organizes a Christmas Bird Count in many different areas of Belize.  Bacab Eco Park is one of the main areas.  Birders from abroad, local guides and Birding hobbyists take to the various areas of Bacab Eco Park from sunrise to sunset logging and counting several species of birds in our area.  Our list to date is a boastful 250 species of birds, local and migratory.

Birds seen at Bacab Eco Park almost on a daily basis are the Yucatan Jays, Oropendola, Aztec Parakeets and six of nine different types of parrots native to Belize among many others.  Birds that are more of a treat to see are the Chestnut-bellied and Boat-billed-Herons, Indigo Buntings, and the Red-capped-Manakin.

Come on down and grow your Bird List or start one today.  Many of these bird’s guests see on our other tours.  So chose one of either Kayak Creek Expedition,  Nature Trail – Jungle River Walk,  Horseback Riding,  Jungle Biking Adventure,  Ixchel Walk.  You can also just hang out at the Pool or restaurant, we see them all the time.

After your kayaking expedition, return to Bacab to enjoy a delicious Belizean cuisine at the “Pokonobwai Restaurant and Bar”.

Relax at poolside in a hammock or enjoy the sculptured waterfall and water slide at our free form pool.  Your kids will enjoy our mushroom water feature in the kiddie’s section.

Throughout your stay, you can enjoy various presentations and activities that showcase our Belizean history and culture.  You can also checkout Ixchel’s Walk and learn about the many medicinal uses of our native plants.

Bacab Birdwatching Tour Belize
Bacab Birdwatching Tour Belize

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