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Altun Ha

Altun Ha Mayan Ruin, the richest Mayan Ruin in Belize.  Step back in time at this extraordinary site, and examine the way the inhabitants lived.  This site was built during the Classic Maya era (200 – 900 AD) and encompasses approximately 5 square miles. The site includes at least 500 visible structures or mounds. At its peak, the population of Altun Ha and the surrounding vicinity ranged between 8,000-10,000 inhabitants, with around 3,000 individuals living in the central core of the city.
Altun Ha was a wealthy ceremonial center boasting two main plazas A & B with Plaza A featuring the “Temple of the Green Tomb”, where many historic items were found including flints, jade and jewelry.

Plaza B features thirteen structures including the “Temple of the Sun God” or the “Temple of the Masonry Altars”.  The Temple of Masonry Altar is the biggest structure on the site.  This structure rises some 54 feet about the plaza floor. The entire construction history was probed, uncovering eight phases of construction.  This temple housed the famous jade head of “Kinich Ahau”, a 10lb piece of jade carved, depicting the head of the Mayan Sun God.  The image of this “Jade Head” is currently printed on the local currency of Belize.

Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour
Bacab Altun Ha Maya Ruins Belize Tour

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