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Mr/Mrs Smith noticed that families wanting to go on different tours many times ended up at different locations.  With this in mind they decided to convert their 300+ acre cattle ranch into an Eco Park with multi-tours.  Now family members can travel together, go on different tours, have lunch together, relax together and return home together.  This Eco Park, Bacab Eco Park, is now one of Belize’s most popular attraction for locals and tourists.

This Family orientated destination, opened its doors in 2007 and embraced Mother Nature as the Indigenous Maya do.  Patterning from the Maya with their reverence for Mother Nature inspired the name, Bacab Eco Park.  Bacab is the name of the four Maya Guardians who hold up this Earth at its four corners.

With a love for Mother Nature, the owners focused on educating visitors to appreciate the diversity of fauna and flora.  With the promoting of Eco-Tourism in mind, they looked into preserving and protecting the trees and animals around.  Today the company has grown to offer more than just our Signature Horseback Riding tour.  Now, Bacab Eco Park offers Kayaking, BikingNature TrailsBirding and Educational trail for School groups.

If you prefer to relax and unwind around a free from swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, this is also for you.   This is a great Family destination having something for everyone to do.  Toddlers can frolic in the kiddies’ pool, teenagers can ride our champion horses.  Mom and dad on the other hand can relax along side the pool sipping one of Bacab’s signature drinks.

Bacab Eco Park brings employment to the nearby communities.  They now employs 60+ employees all from the surrounding villages.

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Bacab Eco Park
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       Burrell Boom Village,
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